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Say Hello to the Dip Mani

Say Hello to the Dip Mani

Say Hello To Dip Manicures

By Dajanae Barrows


Breaking News! The Suntree team is proud to announce that we now offer dip manicures!


 The Technique 

Although this nail technique has been around for quite some time, dip manicures have made a name for themselves on social media as the service that is here to stay! 

A dip powder manicure combines the technique of regular and acrylic manicures. Instead of using UV rays to seal in your polish, the color comes from a pigmented powder similar to that of an acrylic powder. Some popular brands for this are SNS, Revel and OPI. Between base coats and a sealant, you “dip” your nails into your chosen color. It can be considered a “diet acrylic” service. In fact, dip powder manicures can have the lasting power of 3 to 4 weeks!

Tips and Tricks


As with any beauty treatment, it is extremely important to see a nail technician who is certified and knowledgeable about the process to avoid damaging your nails or using unsanitary products. 

Consider the manufacturer of the powder as many inexpensive nail powders contain MMD, which is harmful to natural nails and is banned in many cities. Our nail team uses OPI. Perfecting Powder; OPI is a reputable company that specializes in gel and regular nail polishes. 

Another tip to consider when performing this service is also color options. As stated before, the color comes from a pigmented powder, so colors may not be an exact match. When working with your technician, show them a polish option you like, and they will choose a powder as close to your shade as possible.


For more info or to schedule a reservation for this service, please call our Suntree location at 321-254-4432!