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The Kerastase Hair and Scalp Expert Diagnostic

The Kerastase Hair and Scalp Expert Diagnostic

The Kérastase Hair and Scalp Expert Diagnostic


Do you feel that your hair is too dry? Or are you looking to tame your frizz? Or even take care of your waves and curls? What about taking care of your color treated hair?

Everyone has different needs for their hair, from manageability to shine to damage. Most of us cannot get to the “root” of their hair concerns without seeing it through a microscope ourselves. Kérastase, L'Oreal’s luxury hair care line, has developed a way to diagnose your hair’s needs through their new cutting-edge camera tool.

The Process

The Kérastase Hair and Scalp Expert Diagnostic is a microscopic camera that allows you to get up close and personal with the condition of your hair. Connected to an app, both you and your stylist can easily analyze your hair’s health and decide on the best treatment options and the perfect Kérastase products to help you reach your #hairgoals.

The camera magnifies up to 600 times to observe hair’s density, sensitivity, dryness or oiliness, and even previous damage. Following the diagnosis, a questionnaire will assess your hair type, habits and goals. With this analysis, the H&S Tool will provide you with a fully customized hair profile complete with the most recommended products and a personalized regimen.  

This quick and easy 15-minute process will work wonders for your tresses and help you become your own hair expert. Satisfy your curiosity with the complimentary Kérastase diagnostic camera at Imperial Salon and Spa and figure out what your hair needs! Call us today to schedule a reservation!


Written by Dajanae Barrows