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Meet The IBX System

Meet The IBX System

Meet the IBX System 

Are you someone who loves getting your nails done, but hate removing polish with harsh products? Are your nails feeling weak and brittle from gel polish? Or are you just looking for the perfect treatment to promote healthy nails and prevent breakage? You’re in luck! The Imperial nail team now offers the IBX treatment for all your nail needs. 

The Background 

Brought to you by the team at CND and Shellac, IBX was created as a nail repair system back in 2014. Put simply, it works to toughen natural nails and guarantee nail integrity under enhancements like gel polish and acrylics.

The Process

IBX uses conditioning monomers (molecules that bond together) which can penetrate the nail layer under gentle heat (like an LED light or a UV light). This heat helps IBX to fill in the gaps and ridges in the natural nail and create a shield to prevent the nail from breaking. The formula also encourages nail growth!

The Perks 

Let’s break it down, the IBX treatment is great for:

Healing nail damage

Strengthening nail beds

Preventing breakage

Encouraging growth

Lengthening the life of a manicure or pedicure 

Treat your nails!

If you’re interested in treating yourself to an amazing strengthening treatment for your nails, look no further! Imperial Salon and Spa offers this service to almost any of our manicures and pedicures. Call us today to schedule a reservation!


Written by Dajanae Barrows