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Imperial  Memberships

Memberships discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts including packages, series or any other promotions that discount services or products. Individual memberships cannot be shared with family or friends and are limited to single parties only.  A deposit is placed under the members name and does not expire. Clients wishing to purchase or renew a membership must sign a membership agreement. Imperial Memberships are non-refundable.

Platinum Membership

This is a shared group membership that can have up to three other members besides yourself.

Deposit $5,000 and receive 25% off on all services and products.

Gold Membership

This membership is shareable, the discount will not apply to those you chose to share it with. 

Deposit $3,500 and receive 15% off on all products and services.

Silver Membership

This is a personal membership, not to be shared.

Deposit $1,000 and receive 10% off on all products and services.


Please call for more information or to purchase your membership.